We had the most wonderful experience with Michael! My son learned so much and most importantly he gained confidence in his math skills. He has only recently taken his SAT's, but he felt he did well. I would highly recommend Michael to anyone looking for a tutor. He definitely knows he curriculum but he is also reliable and very personable.

Thank you so much.

Melissa F.

I can't say enough about Dave's math tutoring. He was just what Chris needed. They worked together at a quick pace for 5 sessions to prepare for the SAT in October. Chris described the experience with Dave like this, "He was able to break it down and simplify it so that I got it." Chris actually thanked us for giving him "DAVE." Dave also encouraged Chris and gave him such positive reinforcement that Chris beamed with success. That has never happened before. Although it was a short tutoring time, I can't say enough about the positive attitude Chris had and I believe that was a gift from Dave to Chris.

Thank you so much for this. Dave was professional from the very beginning.

Pam S.

I just wanted to thank you again for your valuable help with my daughter's preparation for the critical reading portion of the SAT's. As a result of your methodical and artful tutoring, she was not only able to develop significantly better comprehension skills, but she was also able to utilize a stronger sense of confidence as she approached the test. We are both enormously grateful for all of your help, and my daughter's overall reading ability has improved tremendously over a short period of time!

Laura F.

My entire family felt that the time is now for us to personally thank you for the work you have done with our son.

We brought our son to you in February 2011 after a friend recommended you as a Certified Orton Gillingham Reading Instructor. The school he was in did not offer it. Our son was more than 5 years behind in reading for his grade level. We knew we had to do something different, but just didn't know what to do. I have had many specialists tell me that he needed Orton Gillingham on a 1-1 basis; however, the school simply did not provide it. I still remember our first session together where I stood in your office doorway and asked "Do you think my son will ever read fluently?" Your response was honest and true, "Let's work the program and see how he does." I remember my feeling of desperation on that day and the months to follow. I wanted to know the future for him right then and there. As a family, we did everything you said we needed to do. We used the flash cards and got him reading 20 minutes per day. We charted his progress along the way and now the intention of my letter is to report the results that occurred in 1 year and 4 months.

As we worked the program, I could see my son's fear of reading and decoding words diminish. I used to read with him to get through the 20 minutes per day. I would read a page and then him. Then, he would read all of the pages himself. I would jump in if he stumbled or got tired.

Finally, one day, our busy lives made him wait too long and he simply just began reading completely independently. On that day, so much changed for him. He was more confident in his reading ability. A heavy burden was lifted off of him and he began to soar. I remember the first assessment done after working the program you happily reported a 6- 7 reading level jump. We stayed committed to privately tutoring and in Jan 2012, the school finally began administering Orton Gillingham to him every day. They could no longer ignore that he needed Orton Gillingham. Of course, we continue to see "Miss Jenn" and he loves going to his reading tutor.

Keep reading, the story gets better...

As of June 2012, he has successfully moved up 13 READING LEVELS! He is now an independent reader. He is one of those children who gets lost in a book. We no longer tell him when to read, he just does it. He reads for hours independently and comprehends what he is reading. He is ecstatic! He is confident! He is doing better in his other subjects. He is still behind grade level, but not by a lot. We fully expect our son to continue to increase his reading through the instruction and guidance of Miss Jenn.

Miss Jenn, you have changed our son's life. You have changed our lives. We love you and thank you. We highly recommend you to any parent whose child is struggling in school.

Jacqueline S. and her very happy family

Thank you so much for your reading instruction this year. I have worked with many other tutors in the past, but none have been as effective as you have been. The techniques that you taught me were not only useful for the SATs and ACTs, but they will also be useful for the rest of my career. Your kind encouragement and guidance gave me the inspiration I needed to advance my reading and comprehension skills, and I have become a more confident reader. I will never forget what you taught me, and I am forever grateful for your help.

Ashley F.

Thank your for your caring and support of our students over the years. You are a wonderful teacher who truly has the best interests of our students in your hear and day to day involvement with them. I will never forget your willingness to work with students that others had given up on and were struggling so much. Such caring and dedication goes a long way.

Dave O.

Thank you so much for all you have done for Steven. I have seen such an improvement in his reading. He now has a greater interest in reading. His spelling has improved a great deal. His confidence is high and that is a big deal to me. You are an amazing teacher! He thinks you are great too and that makes me very happy!

Annelies B.

You really made a HUGE difference in Ross's life. I am so thankful that we all connected. His last SAT score went up rather dramatically. Even more than that, he had someone who believed in him and gave him the necessary positive reinforcement for the skills he mastered. Somehow he just wanted getting it in the large classroom setting. Thank you for making a noticeable difference in my sons life and helping to prepare him for a bright future.

Heidi P.

I wanted to thank you for getting me ready for the SATs and am so happy my score went up so much! As a result, I got into so many schools. I got into the University of Vermont, University of Rhode Island, Quinnipiac, SUNY Albany, SUNY Buffalo, and Penn State. I have decided to go to the University of Vermont. I even got a large grant! Thank you for all of your help!

Ross P.

We began using Jenn's services as an Orton Gillingham tutor for our son in his freshman year of high school. He is dyslexic and has had a tough time over the years grasping the skills needed to create a strong foundation for reading and writing. We tried for years to get him the help he needed from the school districts and never had success. As his issues started to really affect his school performance and confidence we knew we had to find an answer. We brought him to Jennifer for Orton Gillingham tutoring. He truly enjoyed working with her and was very comfortable. Jennifer was a great help and support to us over the year that they worked together. He completed the tutoring in one year and greatly improved his skills. We had such a positive experience with Jennifer that when it came time for a math and SAT tutor we contacted her. He now works with Dave for math and Jason for SAT prep. Both Dave and Jason are friendly and professional. They have taken the time to get to know my son and understand his learning style and his areas of need. He never complains when it is time to work with either of them, and I find that surprising since he is a junior in high school! I think the success that we have experienced while working with Jennifer, Dave and Jason speaks to the high level of quality and care that are put into the services provided by Golden Advantage Education. My family and I are grateful to have found them. We look forward to continuing to work with Golden Advantage Education to further our son's success.

Michael S.

Jennifer Harris has worked with me 4-5 days a week since I came to her in June, 2012. She has helped me in the areas of: reading, reading comprehension, syllabication, organization, vocabulary, working over text in study materials, how to extract content, how to study, break down information/rewrite/rephrase paragraphs among other things. In addition to all of these things, Jennifer has been an amazing encourager. She is very affirming, always willing to answer any questions I might have about dyslexia, ADHD and how to manage it. I will be forever grateful for ALL the ways she has come alongside me. She is an outstanding and very gifted teacher/tutor.

Jennifer N.

I found Mrs. Harris's assistance with preparing for the SAT essential in obtaining the scores I needed to be accepted into a top tier school. I would encourage anyone to work with Miss Golden that truly wants to prepare for the SAT exam.

Richard G. Columbia, Class of 2010

Jennifer identified my daughter's needs and focused on them using the Orton Gillingham method. In just a few months she has truly become a reader. My daughter actually wants to try reading. I hear her sounding out words using the methods she has learned from Jennifer. Reading is no longer a dreaded chore, but an enjoyable activity.

Gina D.

We have had tutors for Kevin since Second grade. No one seemed to be able to help him with his reading. We tried everything, but when a child is dyslexic, they learn differently. Jennifer Golden started tutoring Kevin about one year ago and the difference is incredible. As Kevin said, "She is teaching me how to read, no one else ever did." Her method is using the Orton Gillingham approach. I have found very few teachers have this special training. This is the first year he is truly reading everything on his own for school and comprehending what he is reading. He is a different child now, much more independent and doing his work on his own. He has never once complained about Jennifer coming to tutor him because he knows the difference it has made.

Trish C.

Thank you so much for finding David Schneider. He was great! Conor is going into finals and is ready and is ready for next year and Algebra II. Dave was very honest and worked well with Conor. Conor felt so good after every session with Dave and feels prepared for next year! He knows he will move up in his math level. Dave was such a good fit for Conor. He was an awesome tutor! Thank you so much for matching them up!

Talk to you if we need help in the future and I would highly recommend others to use your services!!!! You worked so quickly to get us a tutor and helped every step of the way.

Nina W.

Thank you for the outstanding service you gave us when we were in need of a math tutor. You did not stop looking until we had a perfect fit. The tutor Mary Ellen went above and beyond to help our son understand the very challenging math concepts. He would not have passed the course without her. Thank you again!