The WOW! Factor

At Golden Advantage we strive to “WOW” our clients by providing service that meets and exceeds the needs/goals of EVERY student at EVERY session.


We believe that communication is the KEY to success! Our tutors provide insight into how the sessions/homework is/are progressing and we encourage parents to keep us informed about school or other matters that impact the child.

Passion and Positivity

At Golden Advantage we believe that the combination of the passion that each tutor feels toward their subject area and our positive approach to tutoring facilitates success.

Family / Relationships

Golden Advantage works to help each family reach their educational goals. The relationships that we build with each student and their families is imperative to our success because we become a team. Together we are able to achieve academic success.


To teach is to inspire. The goal of each tutor is to inspire each student and to be inspired by the student. When we are able to observe a student understand a topic or idea, the feeling of inspiration and pride is overwhelming. We learn from their persistence. They learn from our ability to be passionate, positive and inspirational. Together, the possibilities are endless.


We all have our own unique personalities and we have the ability to focus on a specific part of ourselves when we tutor in order to REACH each student. Sometimes we must act as a clown would or act as a character from a story in order to teach and we are happy to use these aspects of ourselves.

Listening / Observing

At Golden Advantage we know that we must not only listen to what a child says, but also to what is NOT said. We must observe how they respond to a lesson and assess how to proceed. Our tutors are always combining this technique with each lesson, allowing the tutor to know if further instruction must be done or if they can move on to the next question or assignment.

Doing Whatever It Takes

It is natural, almost an instinct as a teacher, to Do Whatever It Takes to ensure each student walks away knowing much more then they did at the beginning of the session. We combine our passion, positivity and ability to provide a successful lesson.

Word of Mouth

Golden Advantage Education has grown as fast as it has because we have hundreds of happy clients who refer our services!

Long Term Company Growth

Golden Advantage has been growing quickly over the past few years. Our goal is to continue to grow at this pace for years to come and help many more families.